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About my stamp Policy:

The condition : Do not reupload them as yours.When I'm gone and so my stamps, are gone.

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Fandom,... by Tea-StrawberryWelcome back , dear feels. by Tea-Strawberry
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Feel free to check out these stamp makers (be sure to check their status first):


Hetalia-stamps icon contest

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 23, 2014, 2:11 PM

While I'm bit slow creating stamps for a while, I want to announce the new group I lead - Hetalia-Stamps is having an icon contest. For more information and co. take a look at this:…

Speaking of advistment: My monthly stamp event is still on going. I want to make a stamp request for following topics : PoC(People of Color) and Social Movements (Ex.:Feminism, Awarnesses etc.) , then hurry up since I'll close this months event on the 30th March. Information to this is there: .

CSS by Anysayuri
Mini thumb code by thespook


Two Face

Please make sure to read this journal entry clearly before you go ahead & ask for requests Arrow Bullet (Red) by JEricaM

Following requests (2 for each topic) will be done on April:
# Pixel Heart Red by macaronbonbon Careers
# Pixel Heart Red by macaronbonbon Media(TV, Movies, Celebrities, Voice Actors/Seiyuus)

Some things to know:
- All of my stamps are free to use - however reuploading them is unneccessary.
- Only ask for requests when they match to the ongoing event:
- By watching me, do not expect a watch back and avoid to give me Llamas. taggin me (be it chain letters or memes) and begging me for points - it's no use.

Do closer research for following question:
- the use of stamps
- creation of stamps
- source of material used for stamps

For the first two they're many tutorials for them. For the thirdone , other people would be kind to give you the answer (also source is sometimes given in the description) instead of me.

Heart Border [Red] by RevPixy:iconloveredplz:Heart Border [Red] by RevPixy
✿ [Youtube | Twitter | Pixiv | Tumblr | Livestream | Livejournal] ✿

Monthly stamp event 2014 (now open - but first read the entire journal before you straight up ask):…

This user (me):

Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf not really welcoming and helpful to new DA members. Find another mentor instead
Bulletcoral by Wooded-Wolfwon't change their opinion just because you're offended by it
Bulletcrimson by Wooded-WolfIs often a Hypocrite (and I'm not sorry for it)
Bulletred by Wooded-Wolfmay be rude/harsh/stubborn but can be friendly IRL- as long you avoid politics and activism /social justice
Bulletplum by Wooded-Wolfbecomes a bitch when you start to talk about politics and activism with me
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolfsometimes tends to be a hypocrite (not sorry for it)
Bulletpeach by Wooded-Wolfhates spam/ chain messages and begs for points/watches/Llamas
Bulletplum by Wooded-Wolfdo not apperciate oversensitve users or social activists,
regilous nutheads, fetishists, scientologists, nostalgia fags, fantards,
white knights, trolls, patrios, racists*

* although this point is rather funny because sometimes I can get sceptical about arabic POC but that's because I do not really have a good own experience with many of them. However I won't rip your head of just because you're a POC (Person of Color) so no worries.

Heart Border [Red] by RevPixy:iconloveredplz:Heart Border [Red] by RevPixy

• | precious babies | •:
PreCure: HappiCha: Sagara Seiji by Vulpixi-StampsMegumi - Cure Lovely by Tea-StrawberryRikka - Cure Diamond stamp by Tea-StrawberryVen Stamp by Tea-StrawberryLayton: Hershel Layton - Professor by Vulpixi-Stampsremilia scarlet by touhoustampsMario Fan stamp by Tea-StrawberryMegpoid Gumi Stamp by S-LaughturXion Stamp by Niji-iroChibi Italy Veneciano II by YukinoTenshi23

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allanahsunflower 20 hours ago  Student Artist
can I request anti denfin and anti romania x norway stamp, and don't forget estonia x latvia fan, please
please check the status what kind of topics for which month I take
allanahsunflower 17 hours ago  Student Artist
forget the anti stamps, just estlat stamp
allanahsunflower 17 hours ago  Student Artist
TheGameAngel Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey... i don't want to be a pain, but can i requset a i heart King Boo stamp? i know you have a Boo one, but you don't have one for King Boo.

it's fine if you don't want to do it, i was just asking
poker10403 Mar 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Can i make a Mission ?
huh? do you mean commission?
poker10403 Mar 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ops! yes
I don't take them
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